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Three Top Tips to Better Back & Neck

If everyone took optimal care of their neck and back, the chiropractors in the world would be very happy. So while we certainly want to keep serving as the premier choice as a Charlotte chiropractor for the residents here, we also want you to take better care of that neck, back and spine.


This should also act as a guide for those who are currently receiving treatment from a chiropractor. Do not risk undoing all the hard work that goes into helping treat your neck and back. Take care of yourself and you can see optimal results.

 # 1 — Sit up straight!

Yes, you are probably tired of hearing it. You are probably also tired of the painful results you could be experiencing from having poor posture. So stop slouching and you will feel your spine practically realign.

 # 2 — Exercise!

People often think of using fitness to lose weight or to improve their heart and lung health with cardiovascular exercise. Believe it or not, exercise can also help reduce back pain by building stronger back and neck muscles. If you already have problems in these areas, discuss with your chiropractor the safest approach to take but often swimming, biking or yoga are good options.

 # 3 — Support those feet!

A great deal of back and neck pain could be reduced if not eliminated with proper shoes or insoles. This is especially true for those who work on their feet all day. Your best choice is comfortable shoes that also have good arch support.


The bottom line is often that whatever you would do for good overall health, such as proper diet and exercise, is also a good measure to take for a healthier back and neck. Remember the earlier you take care the sooner you may feel improved results.

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