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Prenatal Chiropractic

Chiropractor for Pregnancy in Charlotte NC

Pregnant mothers are limited to taking medication for their back pain. Chiropractor pregnancy care in Charlotte NC is a safe and helpful treatment for pregnancy aches and pains. An astonishing 50% of mothers to be share one common problem. They will have low back pain. As the baby grows, your belly grows. And in a healthy pregnancy, you will gain between 25 and 30 pounds. With the extra weight, you will find your balance point shifting. The result is increased strain on your lower back. 

As your body changes throughout each term and your baby begins to grow, it becomes a challenge for your body to keep up with the changes during this time. This is why pregnant women experience back pain as often as they do. Chiropractor pregnancy care is a safe and helpful treatment to relieve the pain many women feel during this time. At Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center, P.C., our chiropractor uses special techniques to help reduce a pregnant woman’s pain without harming the baby. 

Many of our patients visit our office during their pregnancy when they begin to feel the aches and pains. Our chiropractor is certified in the Webster technique, a chiropractor pregnancy technique that helps relieve pain while helping pelvic function. Our patients noted a decrease in their pain level after treatment.

From a chiropractic perspective. There are many challenges that a new mother can face while going through pregnancy. The all-too-common complaints you hear about from time to time. But there are other challenges that your body may face in preparing for the new birth.The changes that take place in a woman’s body has an effect on their musculoskeletal system. One of the first changes that take place during pregnancy is an increase in breast size. This, in turn, will rotate the shoulders inward. As the shoulders rotate inward, they will project the head anterior reducing the cervical curvature and sometimes producing what’s known as an upper thoracic hump right above the middle of a woman shoulder blade. This may cause discomfort directly at that area. Because of the shoulders rotating in, the clavicles may compress the first and second rib reducing the ability to expand the rib cage and therefore the lungs to intake more oxygen. Some patients state that they find themselves yawning more because of this. Yawning is your body’s attempt to take in more oxygen. Chiropractor pregnancy treatment can help with this problem.  A recent study on pregnant women with lower back pain and hip pain found that the symptoms were improved through chiropractic care.

With the head projected anterior, thus reducing the cervical curvature. Women may find themselves with increased headaches and tenderness behind the head slightly below the ears. This area becomes compressed with the change in cervical posture. As the muscles become tight they will sometimes radiate pain to the side, front and the top of the head. This is known as a cervicogenic headache.

In the mid back, with this new change in posture, your thoracic spine becomes more outwardly rounded this is known as a kyphosis. As the body needs to keep this in balance the lumbar spine increases its curve also known as a lordosis.

With a kyphosis, the rib cage is in a different position and sometimes becomes compressed. This leads to ribs being out of alignment for subluxated. Some of the key features of a subluxated rib are the pain in the front of the chest and tightness in the back rib area. As well as a very sharp pain feeling like it’s going through your chest when breathing in coughing or sneezing. As well as sleep discomfort.

With an increase in the lordosis of the lumbar spine, we see portions of the back anatomy of the lumbar vertebra coming closer together. These are known as the facets. Facet pain is indicated by a midline pain that shoots outwardly around the back a feeling of stiffness and a loss and range of motion.

An issue that is very common with pregnant moms is also a misalignment of the pelvis. Both hip bones move back and forth around the sacrum. If a part of your hip bone is rotated into a forward position and stuck in that position, it will cause pain at the back joint where your hip comes into your sacrum. It will also cause that side of your body to have a longer leg appearance. This will affect the way that you walk and weight distribution when you stand. These effects will have an unequal distribution of weight on your lower lumbar discs in your spine.

What’s unique with pregnant women is that this will also contribute to a tightening of what’s known as the round ligament on the opposite side. A correction of this is what’s known as the Webster technique. And it is something we perform here at Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center.

A thoracic kyphosis and a lumbar lordosis is something we refer to as an anterior cross syndrome. With an anterior cross syndrome, there is a change in the position of the hips that causes a change in positioning of the legs and knees. This is known as your Q angle. With an increase in Q angle, you may find that your knees now are a little closer together. You may find it more comfortable to sleep with a pillow between your knees to reduce the contact on the interior portion of your thighs. This impacts what’s known as your closed kinetic chain and how your feet contact the ground when walking and standing. As well as the weight distribution in your ankles knees and hips.

This is just a few of the changes that we see during pregnancy of our patients. And we work with our mothers to be to be there for them while their body goes through these changes to help reduce their comfort during their pregnancy and after their pregnancy. Visit our office today to seek chiropractic pregnancy treatment.

 If you would like to learn more about how chiropractic pregnancy care can help you during your pregnancy, contact our office today. 

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