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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Chiropractic

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the compression and squeezing of the median nerve that is located on your front hand. The nerve provides the ability to feel, sensation to your thumb, and other fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome may transpire in one or both of your hands. The inflammation inside your wrist causes the density in carpal tunnel syndrome. This bothersome syndrome affects energetic people from all walks of life. It brings you chronic sleep loss because of the upsetting pain. It steals you the joy you could have with your work and play when you have this syndrome.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The symptoms are usually felt in the nerve path because of the density of the median nerve. Your hand may often drop objects. These common symptoms include:

• Burning sensation that goes up to your arm.
• A lack of feeling, tickly sensation and pain in your thumb and other fingers.
• Wrist pain that causes difficulty in sleeping.
• Weakness in hand muscles.

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel pain is due to excessive pressure in your wrist that causes swelling on the median nerve. The most common cause of the inflammation is the underlying condition of the body, and these are:
• Diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Thyroid dysfunction
• Fluid retention due to pregnancy or menopausal syndrome
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Wrist fractures
Carpal tunnel syndrome can be worsened if your wrist is frequently pressured. If the incorrect motion of the wrist happens over and over again, it definitely contributes to the swelling of the median nerve.
Other causes of carpal tunnel syndrome include:
• Wrong positioning of your wrists while using a keyboard or mouse.
• Excessive use of machine power tools that vibrates on your hand.
• Extended hours of playing piano or computer keyboard.

Who is at Risk

Women are more at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. They are three (3) times more likely to acquire this syndrome than men. According to research, people who are between the ages of 30 and 60 are mostly the ones diagnosed with this syndrome. Chain-smokers, those who love salty foods, and those who have inactive lifestyles are the people who are also at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome.
Additionally, people who are working in business establishments that involve repetitive wrist movement can acquire this annoying syndrome. The kinds of jobs that involve repetitive wrist movement include assembly line work or factory work, typing or encoding, manufacturing, or construction work. The people who are working in these kinds of business establishments have a higher risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chiropractic and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Surgical treatment and operation are the universal approaches to the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Those treatments, they say, are a bit costly and risky. Their focus is just to eliminate the pressure on the median nerve. With this kind of treatment, the tendency for the condition to come back one or two years after the surgery is very high.

Chiropractors and other leading muscular clinicians are skilled, practiced and proficient in their field. They help people to realize the effectiveness of conventional or alternative medical treatments and reevaluate the plan of considering surgery as a cure. They are gifted in working on with disorders of soft tissues in the body.

Current research results show that wrist and arm pain is related to misalignment of bones, muscles in the neck and ligaments. The study also shows that the pain it causes in the wrist and arm is just the same with the symptoms of other problems in the body. It only confirms that carpal tunnel syndrome originated in the upper spine, and not the arm and the wrist itself.
The chiropractic approach to the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is much less uncomfortable than surgery treatment. The procedure that chiropractors will do first is to find the solution for hurting arm and wrist. When the pain and irritation have been relieved, they will then focus on the neck.

Chiropractors have a wide range of approaches like spinal adjustments, manual therapies, physical therapies, and trigger points. They also advise proper exercises that you can continue at home. Additionally, they will give advice on how to avoid further damage or injury.  
Chiropractic treatment which considered a natural and holistic approach is supported by well-known studies to be more effective for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. In 2010 study, trigger point alone was found to be a greater help to improve symptoms for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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