What is Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain happens when the muscles and tendons that are responsible for the movement of the shoulder joints are swollen or irritated. Most people who suffer from shoulder pain regain full range of motion in the shoulder after treatment.

Rotator cuff tendinitis is a clinical syndrome which is characterized by inflammation and irritation of the tendons in rotator cuff muscles.  


Parts of the Rotator Cuff

There are four (4) rotator cuff muscles that need to be strengthened.  These are:

  • Infraspinatus – This is the smallest among other rotator cuff muscles. It is responsible for rotating and extending your shoulders.  This muscle allows you to catch a ball and reach over head.
  • Supraspinatus – This muscle holds your humerus bone in place and keeps your upper arm stable.  Supraspinatus muscle helps lift your arm.  Almost all rotator cuff tears happen in supraspinatus and the tears here take the longest time to heal. Any movement of your arms involves this muscle.  
  • Teres Minor – This is the smallest muscle of the rotator cuff and its major function is to aid in rotating the arm away from the body.  It helps slow your arm down after a fling.
  • Subscapularis - You use this muscle in moving your arm towards the center of your body after throwing an object. It also helps you to rotate your arm.

What Causes the Pain

A rotator cuff tear is the result of wear and tear from day-to-day use.  Oftentimes, repetitive tension on the rotator cuff causes injuries.  Degeneration caused by aging is another cause of shoulder pain. Bone spurs or the bony overgrowths can also damage the tendon and can lead to tear.  

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injury

  • Painful and swollen shoulders and arms
  • Triggering pain when raising the arm
  • Clicking sound when lifting the arm
  • Losing the flexibility in the affected arm


Avoid repetitive movements of your shoulders overhead.  Do regular exercises to strengthen arm and shoulder muscles.  Also, practice good posture.

Diagnosis and treatment for Rotator Cuff injury

If you are experiencing pain in your shoulders, you may want to consult with a chiropractor that can examine your shoulders.  Then  recommend a treatment plan that is appropriate for you.

Chiropractic care is beneficial to this kind of condition. Call Beyond Wellness today.