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Common Causes of Low Back Pain

For most people suffering with lower back pain, what the cause is does not seem as important as how to make it go away. Some low back pain can range in severity and can be slight back spasms, to painful and nagging conditions like sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and spondylosis. It is always a good idea to get some information about what could be causing your particular lower back pain. If nothing else, this can serve as a useful piece of information when it comes to meeting with your Charlotte chiropractor and beginning treatment. The more insight you can give to your chiropractor, the easier it may be to establish a useful approach to alleviating or eliminating your lower back pain.

 So what are some of the most common causes?


  • Auto injury – Even years after a car accident a person can suffer the lingering pain of an old injury. For some, this is an ongoing problem; for others, the pain can come and go. Often lower back pain caused by an auto injury can intensify over time if left untreated.


  • Aging – Although we all hope to live long full lives, we don’t always want the “side effects” that come with it. Low back pain is a problem many people notice and complain about as time marches on. Again, left untreated this problem usually intensifies.



  • Degenerative disc disease – This syndrome is also common among younger sufferers and is noticeable when running, jogging or even just bending forward. The pain may subside, but often returns and with greater severity.

 The bottom line is that regardless of what is causing your low back pain, it is time to seek treatment.

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