Cervicogenic Headache

A cervicogenic headache is pain from the neck and is classified as a secondary headache, meaning that it is caused by something else. When the highly-stimulated structures become aggravated, they increase the local sensitivity which begins to radiate into the head. It is due to the meeting of sensory nerves from the neck that supplies sensation to the face and scalp.

A Cervicogenic headache begins in the cervical spine, or neck. Most of the time, this headache is identified as a migraine. At the start, the pain may spread to one side of the patient’s head, then it becomes continuous. Additionally, this pain can be aggravated by neck movement or a neck position that causes strain. A headache is a very common problem that has several causes ranging from stress to shock.
Cervicogenic Headache Symptoms
A cervicogenic headache is a steady pain at the back of the head that can extend downward into the neck and shoulder blades. Pain is felt on the forehead, specifically on the brow line or above the brow. Pain usually starts after an abrupt neck movement. Other symptoms may include  Nausea and vomiting, stiff neck, dizziness, blurred vision, aching in one or both arms, and/or an inability to walk.

Risk Factors


- Previous neck injuries

- Bad posture

- Muscle stress

- Sports injuries

- Whiplash

Additional Info About the Treatment

Studies show that chiropractic or manual spinal adjustments and neck and back manipulation are very effective at reducing pain. Chiropractic care improves range of motion and lessens the frequency and severity of head pains. The aim of the treatment is to increase cervical mobility and function of the neck and upper back. When accomplished, it leads to better posture and removes many accompanying symptoms of headaches. You can transform your posture also by completing stretching exercises. Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center is an expert at providing the effective treatment for cervicogenic headaches. The treatment will give you the best appropriate care to eliminate or lessen the structural tension and improve your posture.