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10 Day Detox

Standard Process 10 Day Detox

Standard Process 10 Day Detox Program

In a 10 day detox, your body gets a taste of what it’s like to cut the sugars and bad foods while reaping the benefits of it. Imagine more energy and less fatigue. Imagine more weight loss and less bloating. That is just a glimpse of what a 10-day detox can do.

We offer the 10-day detox at our chiropractic office in Charlotte, NC. Why choose a 10-day detox? This is a great choice for those who have never been on a detox or cleanse before. The detox eliminates foods in your diet that can create bad habits and increased weight gain. These habits include excess sugars and fats. Over time, these bad habits can wreak havoc on the digestive system. Sluggish digestion can cause weight gain. The goal of a short detox like this one is to start creating healthy habits that promote weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Once you have been on a 10-day detox, the next step is the 21 day cleanse.


This is not a juice cleanse. The 10-day detox at our chiropractic office uses whole food supplements along with eating real foods. The point is not to deprive your body of nutrients, but rather feed it what it needs. The whole food supplements used in the detox is from Standard Process. When you are looking on the back of the Standard Process labels, you will notice that the supplements are made of kale, brussel sprouts, carrots, etc. That’s because they grow their vegetables in an organic, nutrient-rich farm out of Wisconsin. Why Standard Process? Because their quality is top notch and when taking whole food supplements, you want the best.

There are 10-day detox programs that support various physiological needs. Blood sugar, inflammation, digestion, and female vitality are also available. To find out more, call our chiropractic office today.

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