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How to Determine Insurance Coverage: Aetna

Instead of waiting for your appointment to find out what your insurance covers, we've made it easy for you to look it up yourself. We know your time is valuable and that is why we put together a step-by-step approach to find out what your insurance covers before your appointment with us.

Step 1. Look on the back of your insurance card. You'll find a number that states for benefits and eligibility, call this.

Step 2. Wait for the menu option that the states benefits and eligibility. When you hear the number that corresponds to that option, choose that number.

Step 3. They will ask for your subscriber ID number as well as your date of birth. You will find a subscriber ID or member ID number located on the front of your insurance card. Speak into the phone using the full subscriber ID number including any letters. Enter your date of birth by using two digits for the month two digits for the day and four digits for the year. If you choose to speak, simply say your date of birth. For instance, January 4th, 1970.

Step 4. To get the most accurate information, it is best to speak to a representative. Simply say representative into the phone and they will transfer you to a customer service representative.

Step 5. Tell the representative you are looking for eligibility for chiropractic services.

If you have any questions or difficulty getting information on what your insurance covers, we would be happy to help you.