What Is Acupuncture?

More and more people are discovering acupuncture for the first time.  But, what is it?  Acupuncture is a way of balancing the body. This is done by placing thin needles into plotted points on the body. An acupuncturist is able to locate these points for the related condition or symptom. By stimulating these specific points on the body, your body's functioning improves and begins a self-healing process. Your acupuncture session will typically last 20 minutes. Your acupuncturist will develop a treatment plan for you based on your specific needs. The number of treatments will vary between each individual or condition. Despite what many might think, the best acupuncture is painless. Patients find they feel more relaxed after the best acupuncture treatment. Still, some patients may be nervous about needles. At Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center, P.C., we offer needle-free acupuncture. This technique provides you with the same benefit but without the needles. If you get the best acupuncture it is a safe, alternative treatment for pain. Acupuncture has fewer side effects than the medications you may be taking to relieve your pain. A recent survey found over 3 million adults and 200,000 children in the U.S. have had acupuncture to help relieve a symptom or condition. Because of its low side effects, it has been the treatment of choice for many doctors across the country.
In typical session you can expect to:
First, talk to the acupuncturist about your pain and health-related goals. The acupuncturist will then complete an examination to determine if there is anything noticeable that could be causing your imbalance. Next, your acupuncturist will place the sterile needles in specific points of the body. The needles will be left for a short time period. The body then has a chance to balance and start healing itself. The needles will then be removed. You will be allowed to return to normal daily activities following your acupuncture treatment session. It is recommended to drink plenty of water to help in the detoxifying process.

What Can the Best Acupuncture Help?

Though acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, it has recently been gaining more popularity. In 1971, acupuncture was introduced in the United States and has continued to grow as the benefits have been seen.  More and more people are discovering the success of this type of medicine. The best acupuncture relieves many symptoms and problems. It has long been recognized in alleviating chronic pain. It was seen especially beneficial for back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, chronic headaches, and shoulder pain. Acupuncture has also been seen to relieve other symptoms including, but not limited to:

The World Health Organization also recognizes the following conditions as having benefited from acupuncture treatments:

  • high and low blood pressure
  • morning sickness
  • arthritis
  • dental pain
  • labor inducer
  • reduces the risk of stroke

Acupuncture has also been shown effective in reducing symptoms of nausea and vomiting due to cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery. Many patients often get acupuncture concurrently with their cancer treatments.

More and more studies are proving the effectiveness of acupuncture on pain relief for both acute and chronic pain.  With the growing opioid epidemic, more physicians are turning to a more natural approach for pain relief.  In 2012, there was a compilation of 29 acupuncture studies that showed acupuncture reduced pain by 50%.  Some physicians prefer acupuncture over prescription medicine by the sheer fact that it's low risk of complications and adverse side effects.

Your acupuncturist will develop a treatment plan specific to your needs. Some people find complete relief in just one visit, while other individuals may need to be seen once or twice a week for several months. Treatment varies based on your condition, pain level, and how long you have been experiencing symptoms.

Acupuncture may not be right for you if you experience a bleeding disorder or take blood thinners.

Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center's number one concern is for the patient. It is this reason that we offer a variety of the best acupuncture services at our clinic. Many of our patients have had previous surgeries, they have advanced degenerative disc disease, or osteoarthritis and modern medicine has given up. They've been given two options take aggressive pain medication and live in a fog and possibly addiction or deal with the pain.

Studies have shown that acupuncture can be very successful in helping to manage a patient's pain.

Many times after an initial consultation with a patient's musculoskeletal degeneration and extreme chronic pain, they would be surprised to find that we're not recommending chiropractic services to help them manage their chronic pain but acupuncture. Our approach is what's the best tool to do the job right.

Our unique approach to acupuncture encompasses physiotherapy and dry needling, traditional Chinese acupuncture, French acupuncture, and Korean acupuncture.

Many patients state that there is no pain during the treatment and that they experience a feeling of euphoria. In acupuncture this is known as die che. Every patient is unique and every patient normally has a unique experience with acupuncture in treatment duration frequency and prognosis.

No matter what your ailments you can rest assured that the knowledgeable staff at Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center, P.C. will answer all your questions as they pertain to your treatment care plan and what you can expect from your acupuncture treatments.

If you have any concerns about needles let our staff know. For acupuncture can be performed without the use of needles to stimulate the acupuncture point. Our staff also uses different types of needles for different types of the body giving different sensation levels. So that we can minimize the discomfort, if any, during your treatment.