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Three Questions to Ask Your New Charlotte Chiropractor

Each patient’s experience with a chiropractor or any doctor is unique. This is because each patient is unique. We all come to where we are in life having traveled different paths to get there. Unfortunately, along the road of life we are bound to experience some bumps – bumps that can lead to back injuries, neck pain and a variety of other things that could lead to needing to seek chiropractic care.


If you are still deciding on a Charlotte chiropractor or have finally settled on one, your initial consultation is a good time to bring up some important questions. This is assuming the doctor has had a chance to gain some insight to your individual situation and is already devising a plan of action to take for your treatment.


  • How long have you been practicing? One of the main things you will probably want to know is how long your chiropractor has been in his or her profession. Even newer doctors can be excellent, so it does not mean you should rule a newer doctor out. If you are looking for experienced care, though, this will be your call. Let your doctor talk a little about his or her training and approach so you can get an overall feel for the doctor.


  • What does the exam process include? This offers some insight to how extensively your new Charlotte chiropractor will be working to understand your unique case. For instance, you will probably want to work with a chiropractor who takes x-rays so you can rule out any possible fractures or other causes of pain before beginning chiropractic care.


  • What type of techniques do you follow? Chiropractic clinics are unique and the techniques used in each clinic, differ. While some clinics specialize in certain techniques, some only generalize in basic chiropractic healing for the back. Check and make sure that you would be receiving the treatment that is right for you


There are plenty more questions that you could ask, but these are good to get started.

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