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21 Day Cleanse

Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse

Why Choose Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse

If you have been on a cleanse or detox before, you’re probably ready for the Standard Process 21 day cleanse program. Our chiropractic office offers the Standard Process 21 day cleanse under the supervision of the chiropractor. The 21 day cleanse is a step up from the 10-day detox because more healthy habits are created. After all, it takes 21 days to create a habit. Why not make them healthy. Besides it being longer than the 10-day detox, the 21-day cleanse has more of an edge over the other. Experience what it’s like to have more energy, mental clarity, less bloating, and feel lighter.

The 21 day cleanse isn’t a quick fix. Rather, it’s a jump start into adopting healthier habits. Imagine pressing the restart button on your health. That’s what this program is about. It helps you transition into a healthier way of eating. It uses whole food supplements to clean out the toxins, or bad stuff, that get in the way of our health. Excess consumption of sugars and bad fats are just a couple examples of what can burden our digestion.

The 21 day cleanse program offered at our chiropractic office comes with whole food supplements that make the cleanse more effective. A 21-day food program is also included in the cleanse. The food program is an elimination diet that helps make the results of the cleanse long lasting. This is not a fad diet or starvation diet. The goal is to clean out the body’s digestive system while giving the body the nutrients it needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The organs involved in the digestive system include the liver, kidneys, and small and large intestines.

The 21 day cleanse helps rid the body of toxic overload and improve the way the body uses food as energy. The food program on the cleanse focuses on eating a variety of unprocessed, whole foods while drinking plenty of water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re interested in getting started on your healthier journey, call our office today.

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