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Pinched Nerve in Neck

Pinched Nerve in Neck

What is a Pinched Nerve

Medically called nerve compression or a pinched nerve in neck occurs when there is a pressure felt in the nerves.  This usually happens when forces cause the nerve to become trapped and pressed between tissues such as bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.  The pain of pinched nerve can be severe and may be a reason for cervical radiculopathy.  Cervical radiculopathy is a condition in which the pain passes through the arms, hands, feet, and legs.  Studies suggest that a chiropractor can improve patients’ outcome of cervical radiculopathy through chiropractic.  It is important to keep in mind that the sooner a patient receives the healing, the more likely to avoid lasting nerve damage, swelling, and fluid build-up.

What Causes Pinched Nerve in Neck

Some of the common causes of pinched nerves include:

Bone spurs – this is a small, sharp development of bone in the spine.  These are projections develop along bone edges.  It is also called osteophytes.  Bone spurs usually formed where bones meet each other in your joints.  The main cause of bone spurs is damage in the joints that is linked with osteoarthritis.

Herniated disc – this is quite a common condition that can occur in any part of the spine, but usually involved the lower back or neck region.  It is also known as slipped disc or ruptured disc.  A herniated disc develops when the gel-like pads between the vertebrae bulge out of place and compress the adjacent nerves.

Spinal arthritis – this occurs joint cartilages becomes very weak and sooner or later end gradually due to aging and trauma.  Swelling can also occur pressuring the adjacent nerves.

Repetitive movement – this is usually associated with sports, improper lifting of heavy objects by using the back.

–    Increased weight and water retention due to pregnancy.  They both risk factors for having pinched nerves.

–    Sitting or standing and putting yourself in one position for a long period of time.

–    Unexpected trauma or accident

The spine is an extremely complicated structure and it is susceptible to injury and ailment.  Any transformation to the spine can quickly irritate or pinch a nerve that will cause discomfort and pain. It will also affect a patient’s daily activities and life.

Symptoms of  a Pinched Nerve

–    Muscle contraction

–    Burning pain through the lower back or neck.

–    Severe pain in the leg or foot if the pinched nerve is in the lower back.

–    Severe pain in the arm and shoulder if the pinched nerve is in the neck.

–    Weakness or lack of sensation in the arms or legs that are due to the pinched nerves in certain muscles.

–    Pins-and-needles sensations.

–    Burning sensations.

Areas Where Pinched Nerve Occurs

–    The Sciatic Nerve – it can cause pain in the lower back and in the leg.

–    The Cervical Spine – it is also known as neck region of the back.  Pinched nerve in this area can cause severe pain that will go down to shoulder blade and arm.

–    The peroneal nerve that is located in the lower leg.  It controls certain muscles in the toes and foot.

Pinched Nerve and Chiropractic

The body’s nervous system is interconnected throughout the body.  It starts from the head to toes.  If something happened in your neck, the pain may also be felt in the arm up to the thigh.

When you suffer from a pinched nerve, it indicates that a nerve is compacted and in an abnormal position.  A pinched nerve is a bit common and sometimes be caused by inappropriate body positions, heavy lifting or extending any part of your body to reach an object.

It is crucial that any weakness in the muscles and difficulty moving should be evaluated by a healthcare professional.

Chiropractors, who are clinically qualified to treat issues in the nervous system, can simply treat pinched nerves.  At first, they will test the patients back and take note of any misaligned bones, also known as subluxations.  When the vertebrae are out of place, it can cause intense pain pressure on the nerves.  This also called the pinched nerve.

The Chiropractor will prescribe a treatment plan such as spinal manipulation.  They will use their hands or a special device to restore the misaligned vertebrae.  Once the spine is already aligned, nerve blocks are removed.  The flow of the blood to the nerve will be improved and that bring about the proper supply of oxygen and other nutrients throughout the whole body.  This will also improve the function of a circulatory system in the body thus relieving pain and boosting the immune system.

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