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Back Pain From Car Accident

Back Pain from Car Accident

Back Pain from Car Accident and Chiropractic

Back Pain from car accident can range from minor to severe. The spine is very sensitive even though it is a complex structure.  

back pain from car accident

Back and neck injuries are common during an automobile accident and a chiropractor in Charlotte NC has seen their fair share of injuries.  The force strains back muscles and ligaments. This results in injuries including whiplash, disc herniation or ruptured disc, and compression fractures.

Even in a low-speed accident, seeking help from a health professional is essential, especially after back pain from a car accident. 

After an automobile injury, seek out help from a healthcare professional  Being evaluated by a healthcare professional is the first step in determining the severity of the back injury. a chiropractor here in Charlotte NC, for instance, can help evaluate back pain from car accident. There are some symptoms that need immediate medical help, however, one must be evaluated to determine this.


Spinal Fractures

Fractures are common in the middle back.  The collision may throw the upper body forward while the lower body is held by a seat-belt.  This can pull the bones apart resulting in a spinal fracture. Symptoms may worsen with movement and patients may also experience numbness, tingling, weakness or loss of bladder control along with it.

If a spinal fracture occurs or suspected, make sure not to move the injured person. Rescuers will bring the individual to the hospital with neck support and on a backboard.

Types of Back Pain and Chiropractic Treatment

Minor Back Pain from Car Accident

Minor back pain is dull, constant pain that spreads out along all portions of the back.  This type of pain should not keep people from daily activities, though it may not be easy.

Most minor pain can be alleviated by home remedies, though most people attempt to continue with everyday activities. 

Also, take time to put ice on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes.  Repeat four times a day.  Be sure to cover the ice with a towel or any cloth to avoid injury from the extreme cold. After 3 days, switch to a heating pad, but do not leave the pad for more than 20 minutes.  Minor pains do not require expert treatment if it does not continue more than a week.

Severe Back Pain from Car Accident

When the pain is unbearable, the ability to move is compromised, and the area is painful to touch, the pain is considered severe.

In this case, you have to seek the help of a health professional right away such as a licensed chiropractor who specializes in treating back pain.  Research has not only shown how effective chiropractic is in relieving back pain but also how cost effective it is for patients. A chiropractor will be able to diagnose the condition and provide proper treatments such as stretching and chiropractic care to help heal the back problem.

Five ways to relieve the pain and keep it from coming back:

  1.    Have a good posture

Poor posture plays a big role in middle back pain.  Sitting at a computer with rounded shoulders, the muscles are forced to work overtime to support the shoulders.

Sit as tall as possible in a chair, pull the shoulders back as far as they can, and then put them back in normal position.

  1.    Stretch your chest

Stand in a doorway with arms braced against its side.  Place the upper arms parallel to the floor.  Step forward and lean the body forward.

  1.    Talk with your doctor

If home therapies are not relieving the pain, visit your doctor to refer you to a chiropractor.   

  1.    Make your back strong

Find some relief through chiropractic care, stretching and strengthening exercises.  If the muscles in your middle back are strong, they can help you to correct your posture and eliminate the pain.

You can visit Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center in Charlotte NC to help relieve back pain from a car accident.

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