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What Is Chiropractic Spinal Decompression?

Anyone new to chiropractic care and the processes involved may view it with some apprehension. Of course, that is only until they feel the relief that comes from proper chiropractic care. Many people seek chiropractic care after experiencing back spasms, a slipped disc, a pinched nerve in back, or herniated disc symptoms. Others may have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease or spondylosis and are seeking alternatives to surgeries like a laminectomy or discectomy. Sure, it is even natural to feel some apprehension or even fear about working with a doctor to try to alleviate pain or other problems you may be having. It is perfectly normal to fear the unknown, or at least what is still unknown to you.   The good news is that once you find a reputable chiropractor in Charlotte NC, you can begin to see and feel the benefits of spinal decompression.


  • Spinal decompression is a non-surgical approach to helping alleviate back pain. In addition to pain, you may also have spinal decompression to aid in working with other conditions that could be related to, or caused by spinal disc conditions including degenerative disc disease and spondylosis.
  • The idea is to work on compressed slipped discs caused by compressed or misaligned vertebrae. Obviously, the idea that is by decompressing this area there will be relief. This type of compression can lead to problems such as herniated discs, pinched nerve in back and arm or leg pain as well as numerous other problems.
  • The actual process involves securing the patient to a decompression table. A predetermined amount of force or pull is exerted which allows the compressed areas to feel relief. The pulling of the spine is in timed increments with periods of rest. Ultimately, this is a gentle way of offering relief, and patients do not feel pain in the process.
  • The main goal is to actually realign the vertebrae and reposition the discs back into proper placement while encouraging proper disc healing. This helps alleviate discomfort, pain or other issues.


Speaking with your Charlotte NC chiropractor about your concerns is a great way to eliminate fear of the unknown and to determine if you are candidate for spinal decompression.

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