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Regain Your Life through Chiropractic Care after a Car Accident

On average, there are over 100 car accidents occurring in Charlotte NC every day. Of these accidents, more than 50% of them experience pain and whiplash. Although suffering through the trauma of a car accident is devastating enough, the pain and suffering you endure from injuries like whiplash, only add to the prolonged dramatic experience of the entire event. In fact, some people end up dealing with the discomfort and pain resulting from a car accident for the rest of their life if left untreated.


If you are not quite ready to give up on the quality of life you once had prior to your accident, then it is time to do something about it. If you refuse to be a victim of the car accident now that the accident is long behind you, you owe it to yourself to regain control of your life again and chiropractic care can help you do that. Imagine being able to do all of this without the reliance upon expensive and potentially addictive pain medication.


Why Chiropractic Care Helps with Injuries from a Car Accident

When your chiropractor works to adjust the misaligned parts of your body, this immediately offers some form of relief. The trick is that some discomfort and pain can come from something as seemingly minor as a pinched nerve or from whiplash. Whiplash, like the name suggests, occurs when the head is quickly jolted back and forth in a jerking motion. When this occurs, misalignment of the cervical spine occurs causing muscle spasms and even headaches or migraines. Luckily, chiropractic care can help. Numerous research and studies have shown chiropractic care to be an effective treatment of whiplash. The Journal of Orthopedic Medicine found that chiropractic care was over 90% effective in patients experiencing whiplash.


When your chiropractor works to align your vertebrae, the discs pinching the nerves stop being in the way. All of this returns the natural alignment to your body and possibly even improves your previous alignment. Many people walk around all day long completely out of alignment without realizing it. In fact, this is why many people with an auto injury feel more pain, because there body was already “out of whack.” Over time these readjustments can improve your comfort level to even better than the quality of life you previously had.

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