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New Pain from Old Auto Injuries

Pain from Old Auto Injuries

Back in your 20’s during that cross-country road trip on your Harley, you took a mean spill on a wet gravel road and spent the last week of your summer vacation getting that back treated. Luckily, those days are long behind you, and you have not felt a serious twinge of pain for years, maybe even decades. Then one day while cleaning out the gutters you use a little too much effort, and the next thing you know the pain in your back is so intense it seems hard to breath and impossible to even walk.


Sounds scary, but is completely possible. It doesn’t even mean it is merely the result of being out of shape or aging. An auto injury can flare back up at some point in your life as a painful reminder of the accident. In fact, the flare up can be more painful than the original injury. It is sort of like having an aftershock that is more devastating than the original earthquake.


What to Do

If you know you have an old auto injury, it is important that you take care to avoid a re-injury especially if it is in the neck, back or even hip area. Before you are reminded the hard way of that old injury, you should begin working with a Charlotte chiropractor. If not, you may be waiting until it is too late and could need emergency care. Preventative care for an old auto injury is a much better option than trying to take care of a blown out back after the fact.


Even if you are now feeling the old creaks or pain beginning that you know is a direct result of a previous auto injury, you can still get help. Do not take a gamble with an old injury of any kind relating to your neck or back.

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