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Five Common Myths about Migraines


Anyone who has experienced a migraine knows how excruciating it can be. All a sufferer wants to do is crawl into a cool, dark place and sleep it off – for as many hours, it may take. Migraines seem to still be a bit of a mystery to many even in the world of medicine. Ask anyone who suffers from them, though, and they will agree they don’t want to understand them, they just want to get rid of them.


Because of the common misunderstanding and misdiagnosis of migraines, there are some common myths to dispel.


Only women have migraines. While women are at a much higher risk for migraines than men, it doesn’t mean men don’t get them. Women are actually three times more likely to suffer with migraines than men.

Relieving stress will cure migraines. Although stress can cause migraines to be more likely to flare up, because this is a disease, relieving stress will not cure migraines.

No one knows what triggers a migraine. Actually extensive research has shown there is a long list of things that could trigger a migraine. Unfortunately, many of these are common things such as certain odors, bright lights or even crying. It would be impossible to avoid all the potential triggers except for some such as caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and certain foods.

If you do not have migraines when you are young, you will not get them. Although those who suffer with migraines usually notice they diminish with age, it does not mean you cannot still get them in early adulthood even if you never had them earlier.

There is nothing you can do aside from take drugs to help with migraine pain. Actually acupuncture and chiropractic care have both shown great results for helping with migraines.


If you are looking for a non-surgical and drug-free approach to working through migraines, it is time to make an appointment with your Charlotte chiropractor.


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