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How to Garden Without Back Pain

Back Pain from Gardening 

If you are experiencing pain in your lower back after gardening, chances are you have inflammation and swelling in your nerves and joints.  To reduce the inflammation and swelling around the nerves and joints, it is important to apply an ice pack for about fifteen minutes, two to three times a day.  You should visit your chiropractor if the pain continues.  

Gardening can be surprisingly hard on the body, it is especially related to the development of back pain.

How to Garden Without Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint that chiropractors receive during the summer.  If you are doing some yard work this summer here are some simple instructions to do your gardening without the worry of having back pain:

  1.     Start loosening your muscles.  Similar to any exercises, warming up is very essential.  By loosening your muscles first, it reduces the chance of a harm or discomfort.  
  2.   Drink a lot of water.  Time and time again we overlook to hydrate our muscles.  Take note that a lack of fluids in the body can be the source of cramps, headaches and back pains.  Avoid dehydration and increases your energy by drinking water.
  3.   Remember proper lifting.  You should always remember that you should use your legs to lift.  Maintain the alignment of your body, utilize the weight of your body for power.  

Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center aims to give its clients relief from pain.  

Visit Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center now and get treatment for pains caused by gardening.

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