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Does Stress Contribute to Neck Pain?

Stress and Neck Pain

Getting a stiff neck, feeling upper back pain or a crick in neck is no walk in the park.  Ofentimes, the pain came about from increased stress in your life.  Avoiding stress would make the world a much better place. Of course, the reality of the world we live in is that this just isn’t possible. The problem is stress can contribute to a large number of health problems. In some cases, this may be just pain, but pain that persists. No one wants to live with pain and therefore this often leads to even more stress. The vicious cycle continues without end.


Neck pain is one of those problems that stress makes worse. However, even if you were able to do away with all the stressors in your life it probably would not mean that the pain would simply subside. If you deal with neck or upper back pain on a regular basis, you probably realize how big a part of your life this becomes. From the moment you wake up until you are trying to fall asleep at night through the pain, it is ever present.


How to Help

The first thing to do is to try to at least cut down on the amount of stress you have in your life. However, chiropractic care for your stiff neck can help. By reducing the pain this may also help alleviate stress, reversing the vicious cycle. If you are experiencing neck pain and have not yet had a consultation with a Charlotte chiropractor, it is time to take that step.


Imagine a day in which:

  • You awoke without the immediate nagging crick in neck getting you up before your alarm goes off.
  • You do not spend an extra 10 minutes under the hot water just trying to work out the stiff neck.
  • Your entire workday is not spent rubbing and massaging your neck.
  • You are not taking pills every four hours to ease the pain.
  • You fall asleep without tossing and turning trying to find relief from the neck pain.


If you are ready to experience this kind of pain-free life, make your appointment with a Charlotte chiropractor today.

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