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Best Stretches For Your Next Road Trip

Best Stretches to Do on Your Next Road Trip

If you are heading on a long road trip, you are probably thinking about how cramped and stiff you are going to be once you arrive at your destination. You can nap, eat your favorite snacks, play a game or listen to music; but you cannot deny the fact that your back and tailbone are hurting due to long hours of sitting.

To overcome those physical problems during travel, you can do some moves that will target the main areas of the body that get tense when you travel.  Your inner hip muscles or hip flexors and your lower back are the areas that you need to focus on.  Here are some of the exercises that you can do during your rest stops:

When you go on a road trip, it is like sitting at your office desk for hours without movement.  This can make you uncomfortable and can create pains in your muscles.  

Whole-Body Stretch

Choose a place where you can comfortably do this exercise.  Stand tall with your feet fully rested on the ground.  Take a big breath in while sweeping your arms out to the sides, then slowly up.  On the exhale, bring your hands to the breast – near the heart. Repeat up to 5 times.  Always remember to extend the front side of your body when you inhale.  Draw energy up through the base of the spine.  On the exhale, circulate the energy throughout your entire body as you do grounding technique. As you repeat the breathing, make it full and more revitalizing than the last.

Quadriceps Stretch

While standing, move the weight to your left leg, and drag your right ankle from the front with your right hand.  Slowly pull one foot toward the right side of your buttocks.  Hold for at least 5 seconds and repeat with another foot. To have a balance, you can raise your other arm or hold onto something for support.

Upper Body Hanging

While standing and your feet set apart, gently fold your body over your legs. Slightly bend your knees to make a shelf for your torso.  Hold for 10 seconds, and slowly release the whole spine.  You can also do it while holding opposite elbows and swaying from side to side. For an outer hip stretch, you can have an option to take this with one leg crossed.


In a straddle position, point your toes outward, and bend the right knee, taking the right elbow inside the right knee and the left foot flexed. Change from side to side up to 5 times, like a skater. You can also put your hands to the ground for a little support.

Pinched Pecs

You may not know but when your hands are on the wheel, you tend to close your chest up.  It may eventually cause discomfort.

The Stretch: Stand at the doorway.  Push your hands on each side of the door.  Your upper arms should be parallel to the floor while your elbows are slightly bent. Then slowly lean forward to open your muscles in the chest.  You hold it for 15 seconds and repeat a few times.

Stiff Neck

When your neck and shoulders are cramping, it would be better to rest and sit in a chair and do this stretching: Grab the right side of the seat with your right arm.  Do this to straighten your arm.  With your left arm, reach over your head trying to touch the top of your right ear.  Then gently pull your head to the left.  You should feel the stretch in your right neck when you do this.  Hold for 15 seconds, then change arms and repeat to the other side.

Hip Flexor Stretch

A flexor is a muscle that connects two parts of the body joint with one another. With this exercise, it stretches the hip flexor muscles that become tight after sitting for long periods. This stretching is best for car traveler, but it is also good for an office worker who is sitting on their desks all day long.  This stretch relieves hip and back pain.

To do the hip flexor stretching, place your left foot on a bench or railing. Your right leg should be flat on the ground. You should feel a stretch in front of your right hip and thigh area.  Then reach your right arm overhead and slowly bend toward the left. You should feel a stretch in your right waist, hip, and back.  Hold the position up to 45 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

Another way to do this is to stretch the floor.  You can use a yoga block or any other similar to that so that your hand can hold on for balancing.

Remember to reach your arm up on the side that has a leg behind you when you are doing the stretch.

Do you now know the essentials to consider in keeping your body pain free during long periods of sitting in a car? There is another way aside from you yourself doing the exercise.  Visit Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center to get an adjustment before and after your long trip.

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