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How to Avoid Text Neck

Text Neck

You might be looking down on your device now while reading this article. With your head forward, rounded shoulders and slumped back, you may be causing yourself to have “text neck.” Because of this, you are stretching out the upper back muscles from poor posture.

When the upper back rounds, the neck, and head start to protrude forward causing a misalignment in your spine causing you pain. What can we do about the pain? Here it is:

Correcting Text Neck

Correcting posture is not easy, sitting up straight may not come naturally at first. It requires diligent effort and determination. Just like some other things, practice makes perfect. If any part of your body feels uncomfortable after prolonged use, it is your body’s way of letting you know that you have to change positions. Your body is actually conveying that it is struggling to make your current posture work.

It greatly helps to have frequent breaks from the use of your gadget or computer. Even just a two-minute break every hour can make a big difference.

The Problem

If you are apart of the 64% of American adults who own a smartphone, you have to see this: Staring at your phone can put remarkable pressure on your neck and spine. Slanting your head 15 degrees puts extra 27 pounds of stress on the neck. Additionally, an angle of 60 degrees, which is the angle it has when you view a cell phone, increases to 60-pound stress.

Text neck is a significant issue nowadays and one thing that you can do is improve your posture.  Work hard to keep your back straight.


The Easiest Way to Fix Text Neck

Changing the way you hold your phone is the easiest way to avoid text neck. Position the phone to eye level so your head will not slouch forward. When you are using a tablet, it is good to use a case that allows you to put it on top of the table. It is also recommended that you do neck rotations to prevent stiffness in the neck. Look gently to the left, then to the right and repeat ten times on each side. Try to do this every hour. Chiropractors are also trained to help improve posture and avoid injury. Call Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center today and start living a pain-free life you truly deserve!

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