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Standard Process Supplements Charlotte NC


Standard Process Supplements Charlotte NC

We carry Standard Process supplements at our chiropractic office in Charlotte.  Standard Process supplements come from whole foods that are grown organically on their farm in Wisconsin.  Once the whole food (plant-based) grows naturally in nutrient-rich soil, they grind the food into tablet and capsule form.
Standard Process supplements have been providing superior nutrition products since they began in 1929.  They believe in whole food philosophy to provide nutrients as they are found on the ground.  A vegetable’s purest form is the most potent and effective nutrient.  They set out to create superior supplements in a way that protects the process of whole foods.   86 years later, they continue to follow through with their mission. They continue to be innovative in their product line as well.

Our bodies crave and thrive on real vitamins and minerals coming from our food source.  Unfortunately, the produce of today is not nutrient rich as it was 50 years ago.  Pesticides and GMO herbicides strip the soil of nutrients and the food has suffered from it.  Thankfully, Standard Process has highly guarded their farm and strives to provide the same quality as generations before we once had.

The ugly truth is there are so many food gimmicks and supplements out there.  The hard part is finding the right ones that work each and every time.  The scary part is there is no regulation on over the counter supplements.  It is important to know what your ingesting.  It is even more important to feel confident in what you’re giving your family. That is why Standard Process supplements are sold only through healthcare professionals.  Because it is equally important for us as healthcare professionals to use physician-grade supplements that are effective and of high quality.  That is why we use Standard Process supplements and herbs.

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