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You’re Never too Old or too Young for Chiropractic

We Start Out With A Healthy Spine and Nervous System:

Our flexible spines allow us to bend and move in extraordinary ways. We take these amazing capabilities for granted and often abuse our bodies. Every day we engage in activities that involve our spine and central nervous system. We are busy, and we don’t think twice about an unexpected pain that goes away. What we don’t realize is that repeated unhealthy postures and movements over time cause damage to our back, our neck, and to the entire spine.

One of the most important recommendations an older person can do is remind a younger person to take care of their bodies. Older people know all too well the damages they have inflicted on their own neuromuscular system. 

Chiropractic care will help to relieve their pain and stiffness related to the spine and surrounding nerves and tissues.

Stresses and Strains on Our Bodies Occur Without Our Notice:

We don’t know we move wrong. Everybody bends over to pick up something from the floor from time to time. We bend over from the waist, grab the item, and off we go. Have you noticed any pain or discomfort when you do this? Maybe you realize later that you have discomfort in one of your muscles or some slight low back pain. Or maybe you don’t even notice anything unusual. The spine and our central nervous system manage a delicate balance as we move, bend, and twist. Most people have become accustomed to moving in ways that are not normal. Instead of traumatizing the lower back by bending at the waist, we need to use our hips and legs. If we start the movement at our hips, we start from a neutral position and prevent injuries from pulling, twisting and tearing our muscle and tendon tissues. Even if we do not notice an immediate painful effect from wrong movements, the effects will build up and cause health problems.

Chiropractic Care for the Entire Family:

A family who includes chiropractic care as a part of their health care program benefits everyone in the family. The holistic approach of chiropractic focuses on total wellness without drugs or surgery. This includes not only your spine, but your entire musculoskeletal system, and your neurological and vascular systems. If any of these systems is compromised, it is certain to affect your health and well being. It may not appear obvious at first as we forget temporary pains and get used to altered patterns.

Bicycling, hiking, running, jogging, swimming, skiing, golf, and even schoolyard games can cause injuries to neuromuscular health. Not only from sports but all incorrect movements in our daily life pose possible damage to our complex body. Anyone, including children, who receive chiropractic care and guidance of safe moving techniques will be far less likely to sustain permanent injuries that will affect them later in life.


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