Neck Pain and Acupuncture

Many people experience neck pain or whiplash.  In many cases, people may suffer from persistent neck pain due to their occupation, poor posture or overuse.  Workers who do repeated tasks, remain seated for long periods of time and always utilize their upper extremities are most likely to suffer from neck pain.  

The neck consists of vertebrae that stretch from the skull to the upper torso.  It is also one of the most flexible and fragile parts of the body.  In the course of the day, as you perform various tasks in your workplace, you sometimes do not realize that your neck becomes stressed out.  This will cause stiffness, restrictions to movement, and pain extending to shoulders and arms.

If you have trouble with neck pain of any kind, acupuncture can give you relief.  Acupuncture has become recognized as a valuable remedy for different forms of painful illness.  Acupuncture assures you of a harmless way to cure neck pain and whiplash.

Causes of Neck Pain

Poor posture:  Leaning forward, may cause sprains, strains, and damage to your ligaments due to too much exertion.  This may occur while driving for hours, an extended period in front of a computer, reading while lying in bed, poor position while sleeping, or simply having a long conversation over the phone.

Car accidents or sport related injuries: These are the most common reasons for neck pain and whiplash.  

Medical and Health Conditions: Health problems like arthritis can be the reason for chronic pain stiffness.  Slipped disc or herniated disc in the neck, and jaw injury is also included as the sources of neck pain.

Pressure or Tension: Anxiety or muscle tension can cause stress in your neck.  This will also affect your shoulders and back.

Acupuncture can Help

Acupuncture works by using the energy from your body to release endorphins which act as essential pain killers. 

The British Medical Journal released a statement that acupuncture can be considered a great way of curing people with chronic neck pain.  It also increases neck and shoulder mobility and helps prevent further injury. 

Acupuncture has the ability to treat generative diseases, which is a main cause for neck pain.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Qi, which you pronounce as “Chee,” is the central energy that livens up the body and safeguards it from ailments. When there is an imbalance or obstruction in the flow of Qi, signs of pain may result.  As to safety and acceptability, acupuncture is commendable with no side-effects – not like some of the means used to cure pain.

The Treatment

The health practitioner will first complete a physical exam to determine the reason for the blockade of the body’s vital energy. The acupuncturist will find ways for the patient to get rid of the pain.  In the process of treatment, very tiny sterile needles will be inserted at specific points to rebuild the balance and flow of Qi.  

The practitioner may suggest aromatic plant, modification in diet, exercises and stretches relative to acupuncture treatment.  These will help you recover your health and prevent future problems.

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