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What Conditions Does a Chiropractor Treat?

To understand the conditions that a chiropractor would treat you need to understand what a chiropractor actually does. The adult human has over 206 bones in their body each bone has its own articulation or connection with another. A Chiropractors job just to make sure that these connections are working well. If the articulations were misaligned on the wrist you would most likely have wrist pain. If the connections were functioning improperly in the ankle you would likely have ankle pain and loss of function. If there was some nervous connection. Such as a nerve exiting your spine. And this nerve had to go in between two bones and the bones were not functioning properly either coming too close together or the connection between them was inflamed, It would affect that nerve. That nerve will connect to something called a ganglion. A ganglion is like a circuit board in your body. Where it will connect (or synapse) with other nerves. Those nerves go to your organ systems your skin your muscles, ligaments and basically every other portion of your body. In fact, if you were to take away every muscle bone skin ligament and other tissue but the nervous system in the body and look at the person in front of you would still be able to make them out simply based on their nervous system outline. This is where the Chiropractic profession is mostly known for helping our community. By helping your nervous system reduce misinformation from your nervous system caused by miss alignments of your bones and their joints. Chiropractors help with many conditions other than neck low back and neck back pain. For example, many people experience wrist pain. This pain in the wrist may be coming from the neck or it could be coming directly from the wrist. Whether it’s the neck or the rest it is still the chiropractor’s job being a musculoskeletal specialist to assess, diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your problem.
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