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Weight Loss Program


Looking For a Weight Loss Program in Charlotte?

Have you been looking for a weight loss program Charlotte? Maybe you’ve started a diet and have not seen results. Once you plateau, you try everything to break through, but end up with frustration and maybe regaining all the weight you once lost. This is a common theme for people struggling with weight loss. At Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center, P.C., we take the struggle out of the equation to help you reach your ultimate health goals.

How do we do this? First, we focus on fat loss. When you starve your body of nutrients and essential calories, you will lose weight, but you will lose muscle, not fat. Your body perceives it to be in “famine” and will preserve and store the fat while using your muscle as the energy needed to survive, thus losing muscle. This is the problem with crash diets, causing an unhealthy weight loss program and can lead to serious problems down the road. However, if you eat balanced meals throughout the day and exercise regularly, you will lose fat and gain muscle. The more muscle you have, the more fat you lose. When your weight loss program comes from fat loss, you will achieve your ultimate health goals. 
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