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Stop Living with Sciatica Pain NOW

Chiropractic Care Can Successfully Treat Sciatica Pain

When a person suffers from the pain of sciatica, it can be very disruptive in their daily life. A chiropractor can often successfully treat sciatic pain. Once the chiropractor identifies the cause, the best course of treatment is given.

Everyone’s situation is different, the chiropractor will use specific techniques to meet your needs. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

*Compliments other types of treatment options

*Prevents joint dysfunction

*Treatment is low risk

*Treats source of symptoms

*A person’s entire nervous system and musculoskeletal system benefits

*Proven successful for treating pain relief and more

Causes Of Sciatica

Sciatica is often the result of compression of a person’s sciatic nerve. This can result from different medical conditions. It can be the misalignment of the vertebral body, bulging discs, tumors, and more. A common reason a person develops sciatica is piriformis syndrome. This is when a person experiences a slip and fall injury, their piriformis muscle spasm and cramp. This will pinch a person’s sciatic nerve causing them to experience pain and inflammation.


In order to determine the cause of a person’s sciatica, a chiropractor will first review their medical history and perform a neurological as well as a physical examination. The diagnostic testing could include electrodiagnostic tests to determine nerve conduction and velocity. Other testing could involve a CT scan, x-ray as well as MRI and more.

Spinal Decompression

Pressure and inflammation experienced by people with sciatica may be helped with non-surgical spinal decompression. It works to neutralize the position and force of the spine. It can help promote the flow of water, oxygen as well as fluids rich in nutrients that permit a person’s back to heal. During the procedure, people are fully clothed. They are given a harness that fits around the trunk of their body as well as their pelvis. They will then lie down on a computerized table designed to be comfortable. A chiropractor will make adjustments as necessary. A treatment could last up to 35 minutes. It may take 28 treatments or fewer to successfully treat a person’s sciatica condition.

Spinal Adjustments

This is also known as spinal manipulation. It may increase the movement in a person’s spine. It can help an individual’s spinal column by restoring vertebral bodies that are not in alignment. Spinal adjustments are able to treat nerve irritability that causes pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and other symptoms of sciatica.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (ENS)

This is a muscle stimulating machine that is portable. It provides different levels of electrical current and has been effective in decreasing muscle spasms as well as acute pain.


This provides a person with gentle heat caused by sound waves. They penetrate deep into a person’s tissue. This will help decrease pain, muscle spasms, stiffness, swelling as well as cramping. It does this by increasing the circulation in specific areas of a person’s body.

Cold Therapy

In some situations, this will decrease inflammation. It can also help alleviate sciatic pain.

Each cause will require a specific type of treatment. Chiropractors provide successful treatments that are non-invasive as well as medication-free.

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