What are Back Spasms?

Facet syndrome, also known as osteoarthritis, is one of the chief contributors to back spasms.  Facet Syndrome refers to the pain at the joint between two vertebrae of the spine. The function of facet joints is to bend and twist the back of the body.

All sections of the spine have their own facet joints. When the facet joints have unhealthy cartilage, it restricts the vertebrae to move smoothly against one another, causing pain.

What Causes a Facet Syndrome

The most common cause of facet syndrome is the degenerative changes which are characterized by deterioration and breaking down of joints as a person ages. Degeneration of joints narrows the space between each vertebra. It upsets the joints and puts pressure on the spinal cord.

Furthermore, poor posture is one of the causes of facet syndrome. When you have bad posture, it tightens some muscles and overloads spinal tissues, including facet joints. When the muscles constrict, the joints swell. The inflammation results in painful facet joints.

Another cause of facet syndrome is a sudden injury or trauma. Extreme pressure damages the articular cartilage, bringing about the damage and the pain.

Symptoms of a Facet Syndrome

Normally, episodes of joint pains are sporadic and can occur just a few times in a month. The most common symptoms of facet syndrome are muscle numbness, pain, and weakness. Pain can radiate through the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, buttocks, the upper legs and down to the feet.

How to Prevent a Facet Syndrome

Significant ways to prevent facet syndrome is to inhibit excessive motion, over-twisting, and falling. Always keep in mind that the segments of the spine have the structures that preserve the flexibility of every part of the body to be able to move freely.

Do You Need Surgery

It is pleasing to know that you do not need to undergo surgery if you have facet syndrome. You can have a conservative, non-surgical or non-operative treatment once the diagnosis of facet joint syndrome has been confirmed. The treatment helps you to relieve inflammation, to get rid of the pain and to get better mobility. It will also improve your energy that will help you regain your real strength and flexibility just like what you had before.
It is necessary to take action right away if you are experiencing the symptoms. This is to prevent further damage and complications.

Spinal manipulation has been shown to be effective in reducing the pain associated with facet syndrome and back spasms. The nerve pressure may be relieved by this treatment by stretching the spine. Chiropractic care helps ease the pressure from the disc by alleviating the pressure.

To find out how spinal decompression therapy and chiropractic can help you, call our Charlotte chiropractor today for a consultation.