Stress and Acupuncture

Stress is one of the most common conditions that people suffer from. People suffering can have many emotional, cognitive, or physical symptoms. Many individuals are able to find benefits through acupuncture.  

Emotional Symptoms:

-    Losing control and feeling overwhelmed

-    Easily frustrated and moody

-    Feeling bad about self

-    Having trouble relaxing

-    Lonely and depressed

Physical Symptoms:

-    Weakness

-    Headache

-    Tense and aching muscles

-    Unpleasant feeling in stomach

-    Insomnia

-    Fast heartbeat and chest pain

-    Decrease or loss of sexual ability and desire

-    Periodic colds and infections

-    Sweaty hands and feet

-    Instability and nervousness

-    Ringing sounds in the ear

-    Clenching and grinding teeth

Cognitive Symptoms:

-    Senseless thoughts

-    Worrying constantly

-    Having poor judgment

-    Lack of ability to focus

-    Being pessimistic 

-    Seeing only the negative side

Behavioral Symptoms:

-    Avoiding responsibilities

-    Eating disorder

-    Increased intake of alcohol or drugs

-    Procrastinating

-    Showing nervous behavior, such as fidgeting or nail biting 

Consequences of long-term chronic stress

Continual, chronic stress can cause many serious health problems or worsen existing problems.

Positive effects

At Beyond Wellness, we help people with stress-related issues, such as muscle pain, headaches, respiratory problems, and digestive issues.  We also help people find a long-term strategy for relief.  Treatment plans are customized to fit individual needs.

If your'e looking for relief, call our office today!