Shoulder, Arm, Wrist, and Hand Injury

Often times in a motor vehicle accident an individual will suffer from shoulder, arm, wrist and hand injuries. Your body quickly moves back and forth without enough time for you to react. The abrupt force of impact causes trauma in the bones. The trauma can include a fracture, swelling, and bruising.

When you feel the pain, it is a warning sign that something is wrong.  Just treating the symptom can prolong the healing.  The cause of the pain needs to be dealt with. Our chiropractor at Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center can determine the ultimate cause of the pain and develop a treatment plan that is best suited to your needs.

Your hand and wrist can be injured in the motor vehicle accident if it comes in contact with the airbag, steering wheel, dashboard, or tangled in the seat-belt.

Symptoms of Wrist and Hand Injury

-Swollen fingers

-Difficulty making a fist

-numbness or tingling sensation

-Swelling or redness around the wrist

-Warmth in the joint


Symptoms of Shoulder Injury

-    Stiff and painful shoulder, hands and wrists that may interrupt sleep.

-    Numbness, weakness or tingling sensation

-    Pain in a specific spot that worsens with force.

-    Arm movement difficulty in any direction.

-    Intense pain in the shoulder.

-    Discolored shoulder area.

Types of Shoulder Injury

-    Rotator Cuff Tear

-    Fractured bone

-    Bruises

-    Strains and sprains


If you believe you have a broken bone or tear seek medical attention immediately, delaying treatment could make the condition worse and increase the healing time.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Our chiropractor at Beyond Wellness can help alleviate your pain by applying techniques to reduce swelling and inflammation. Our doctor will recommend different treatment methods to help you recover from the accident.

If you are suffering from shoulder, hand, and wrist pain after an accident, call Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center today and schedule an appointment.