Low Back Pain

During an accident, sudden force upon the back can cause serious injuries. A strain in the lumbar area or the lower back is the main reason for back pain after an accident.  There can be severe enough pain to cause a person’s inability to do jobs or engage in usual daily activities.

What is a Lumbar Strain Injury?

A lumbar strain injury is an injury in the lowest part of the spine.  A strain is an injury to the tendon or the muscles, opposed to a sprain is the stretching of a ligament. Pain can sometimes be severe and unbearable.  Also, muscle strain in the lumbar area can cause swelling, which can lead to spasms and even more pain.

Causes of a Lower Back Injury

A lower back injury comes from sudden shock to the back.  Since a lower back strain is an injury to the tendons or muscles, they can be twisted or pulled apart.

Treatment Options

Aside from pain, range of motion can decrease.  When the pain continues for days or weeks, it is considered to be acute.  And when it persists and does not go away at all, it becomes a chronic injury.  A chronic lower back injury can make even sitting intolerable.

Lower back injuries can take weeks of therapy to totally heal.  Other treatment options for a lower back injury include pain medications, physicals therapy, or massage. A patient may be unable to go back to work or do daily activities during the healing period.

What is Discogenic Pain

Discogenic pain relates to the spinal bones.  The discs of cartilage act like a cushion to the bones that make up the spine.  They are there to allow movement and firmness.  When a spinal disc is injured, the pain can be severe. Discogenic pain is a condition of the spinal discs that gradually deteriorate over time or as a consequence of trauma, such as in a car accident.  This is also caused by some sort of injuries to the spinal disc.  The most common injury that causes pain in the spine is lumbar sprains.

Chiropractic Help

Back pain caused by a car accident can be terrible. A car accident can injure your spine in many ways.  The vertebrae can be crushed, dislocated or fractured.  Muscles, nerves, and ligaments can be damaged. Inflammation, bleeding, and building up of fluid around the spine can cause further damage over time.

Chiropractors have an effective treatment for automobile injuries.  Chiropractic care is an effective remedy with the use of manual adjustments, massage therapy, and exercises. General chiropractic care and manual adjustments help reduce back pain. 

What Will Happen at My Visit?

A licensed chiropractor will first learn about your medical history, complete a physical examination, and may use laboratory testing to know which treatment is appropriate.

Treatment plans will involve manual adjustments. During your treatment, your chiropractor may also include nutritional counseling and exercise.  The goal of the treatment includes back pain relief, recovery in the body function, and prevention of further injuries.

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care and spinal manipulation are usually considered a safe, effective treatment for acute low back pain.  Acute back pain lasts up to six weeks.

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