Distracted Driving

Many legal drivers have all gone through some form of driving school. Whether it be online, in a classroom, or some strange place, they will always teach you about distracted driving. Distracted driving is defined as participating in any other activity that you do while operating a vehicle. With this in mind this can include: cell phone use, eating, drinking, talking to passengers, etc. Although these things may seem important, the most important thing to do is while driving is focusing on the road. Driving while distracted has some very severe effects on an individual’s ability to focus on the road.
First of all, driving distracted can inhibit the driver’s ability to see, which is the most crucial factor in being able to driver. Since there are so many other drivers on the road it would be catastrophic if people were not able to see which lane they were on, if there is something in front of them, or even the speed they are travelling at. Secondly, driving distracted can cause a person to pick up on bad habits. Bad driving habits (like driving with one hand on the wheel and speeding) can lead to an increased risk of getting into an accident and also can make the driver put their life and the passengers’ lives in danger. Lastly, another major effect of distracted driving is the inability to make quick decisions. If you are distracted while you drive you will not be ready to make those quick decisions that can save you from an accident and even death.
Driving a motor vehicle is full of uncertainty and doubt. If you add distracted driving to this it will surely lead up to a disaster. Driving distracted is one of the easiest things to do but it is also one of the easiest ways to get into an accident and potentially lose your life. As a society we must make efforts to prevent distracted driving so that less people can find themselves in accidents and dead from motor incidents.

By: Ayodeji Otunuga