Why do I need custom foot orthotics?

Whether it be a skyscraper, a community, your family, or your back, it all starts with a good foundation. The rolling of your shoulders, the arching of your back, the space between your knees, all trace back to the way your feet contact the ground. Many patients who deal with chronic pain and have no positive results with chiropractic care, physical therapy, or home remedies, need to look down to their feet.  Foot orthotics are a tool to help address what is holding you back from a healthy lifestyle and being free of back and neck pain.

What are foot orthotics?

Your back and your body are a closed-kinetic system. This means, when your feet touch the ground, your body works as a single unit. Foot orthotics are custom foot supports that fit your feet and provide you with corrective alignment. This allows your foot structures to reduce unnecessary wear and tear on other areas of your body.

Can't I just buy them from the store?

Many non-custom foot supports are available for purchase. But, these only help you distribute your weight and alleviate wear on your foot. These in no way help align your foot to help with the structuring of other structures of your body. The lab will create your custom foot orthotics independently for both the right and left foot.

So, what's the difference?

The orthotics at Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center individually mold to each foot, using a foam molding system. A thorough visual orthopedic and range-of-motion exam is performed on the foot as well as, its affecting structures. The foot prescription factors in the patient's activities, weight, age, and usage. A positive cast is in mold of the patient's right and left foot. The perfect orthotic is a model of the patient's foot. Different top covers, supportive foams, insulated foams, and rigidity structures make up the orthotic.

What can I expect?

Many patients report having less fatigue, less pain in their knees, ankles, and low back, they can walk and run more, and live a healthier lifestyle.

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