Chest and Rib Injury from Auto Accident

Rib injuries are common after a car accident. Symptoms may include pain, discomfort, and swelling of the chest.

A rib injury can cause pain while breathing. But the good news is chiropractic care can offer you relief.

There are different types of rib injuries. Just because you feel pain in your chest does not mean you have a broken rib.  The most common type of injury to the rib is a bruise.  Though there is no damage to the bone structure, the adjoining tissue is swollen. It can take a bruise on a rib around five weeks to heal. But you can speed up the process with an ice compression.

Another type of rib injury is a separated rib.  This occurs when the rib separates from the breastbone.  It feels like a fracture or bruise.  You may hear a “popping” sound and experience discomfort in the affected region.

A fracture is another type of rib injury.  It is the most serious.  People who suffer from a fractured rib will experience intense pain.  It can create a serious threat to nearby organs.  Because of this, it is very important that you have x-rays taken to find out the extent of the damage.

A chiropractor will examine your bones to see where the injury is.  You will also be asked how much pain and discomfort you are feeling. Separated ribs can be put back into place through chiropractic adjustments.  Rest and relaxation can also help.


Car accident – it can occur as a result of high-speed vehicle accidents.  It is especially true when airbags fail to function.

Body injury – fracture or dislocation can happen following an accident

Old age -- patients who are suffering from degenerative diseases are prone to cartilage injuries. This is especially true after an accident.

Not wearing a seat-belt – Drivers and passengers are both at risk when not wearing seat-belts.

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Beyond Wellness can help align your spinal joints.  The chiropractor can help relax the muscles and increase mobility.  Chiropractic adjustments help keep joint cartilage healthy, decrease pain, and reduce degenerative changes.  

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